Current status, problems and prospects of the metrological support of brightness measuring instruments

Oleg Khapugin, Sergey Panteleev


Currently, the brightness measuring instruments (MI) are in the center of focused attention from the quality services, product certification bodies, expert and laboratory centers, occupation and safety monitoring services. Therefore, the demand for these MI tends to constant growth. Most brightness meters are registered in the State Register of measuring instruments and subject to verification (calibration). However, metrological support of brightness MI is a quite difficult task. Despite the fact that the developed methods of verification (calibration) quite clearly describe the procedure itself, instrumental implementation and various technical design of brightness MI, in particular angle of "view"  of the photometric head lead to apparent discrepancies in the transition from an ideal Lambertian surfaces to real objects.  This paper highlighted the key issues arising from brightness meter calibration and brightness measurement.  It is shown that the attachable brightness meter angle of "view" is one of the essential factors affecting the accuracy of readings. The methods to account for this factor are provided.

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Measuring instruments; Brightness; Calibration; Brightness meters

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