Questions of metrological assurance of the results of the gluten content determination in foodstuffs

Maria Krasheninina


The main regulatory documents that establish safety requirements for specialty food products intended for patients with celiac disease are considered in this work. Short description of the immunoenzyme method is presented. A review of the world experience in the development of certified reference materials of gluten (gliadin) is given. The approach used for certification of the reference materials of gliadin (gluten) sample designed for metrological assurance of the results of the gluten content determination in foodstuffs in the territory of the Russian Federation is presented. The first results of creating of gliadin certified reference material by determination of nitrogen mass fraction with subsequent recalculation of the obtained value to the protein content are considered. Nitrogen mass fraction is measured with the help of The State secondary measurement standard of mass fraction and mass (molar) concentration of components in liquid and firm substances and materials by volumetric titration (GVET 176‑1‑2010). Nitrogen-to-protein conversion factor is obtained on the basis of determination of gliadin aminoacidic composition with the use high performance liquid chromatography with mass-selective detector.

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Food products; Celiac disease; Immunoenzyme method of analysis; Standard samples; Gluten; Gliadin; Certification; Mass fraction of nitrogen

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