Application of coordinate equipment for measuring parameters of gear


  • Julia Skovorodkina National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology”, Ukraine


Ключові слова:

Coordinate-measuring machine, Specialized gear measuring devices, International comparisons, Gears


The report’s goal is minimizing of uncertainty type A while gear measuring on the coordinate measuring machine. Providing the necessary accuracy of the new gear measurements. The improvement necessity of unit’s transmission from coordinate-measuring machine to specialized gear measuring devices method. The results of our study can be used to develop a protocol of international comparisons.

Біографія автора

Julia Skovorodkina, National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology”

Engineer of 1st category


GOST 1643-81 cylindrical gear wheels. Tolerances

ISO 1328-1: 2006 Wheels cylindrical. ISO Accuracy System Part 1. Terms and definitions of concepts and the establishment of tolerance tolerances of the lateral surfaces of the gears. Wheels cylindrical. Tolerances.

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