Method for measuring the pulsating flow of liquids and gases


  • Zhanat Dayev LLP «Technopark«Zerek» Baishev University Aktobe Aktobe, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan


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Measurements, Liquids, Gases, Accuracy


Most of the measurement methods and models cost liquids and gases based on the assumption that the flow is stationary. However, very often flow the fluid or gas flowing through the pipeline system at working pumps and compressor stations, become unsteady. They are various kinds of pulsation that become sources of a large number of additional errors. The paper offers method for measuring the flow rate and quantity of pulsating fluid or gas flowing into the pipeline system. The work is based on the ideas that transform the existing fundamental equations of hydrodynamics by methods of dimensional analysis, in particular the Euler equations and the continuity of flow. These equations allow organizing the method of measurement and conversion function of flowmeter that is able to perform the measurement of pulsating flow. The paper shows that to achieve this goal, the equation of discharge coefficient of orifice plate or nozzle must contain the Strouhal number. The proposed method of measuring pulsating flow of liquids and gases is a combination of the variable differential pressure and vortex flow measurement. The proposed method can be easily implemented in the form of information-measuring system. The work is addressed to employees of enterprises, which runs development and operation of the flow measurement system.

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Zhanat Dayev, LLP «Technopark«Zerek» Baishev University Aktobe Aktobe, Kazakhstan

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