The measurement automation and optimization the system of reproduction and transferring of the immitance units


  • Serhii Kursin State Enterprise «Ukrmeterteststandart», Ukraine
  • Oleh Velychko State Enterprise «Ukrmeterteststandart», Ukraine


Ключові слова:

Measurement, Standard, System of reproduction and transferring, Immitance units


Provided investigations have shown that for optimization of the impedance measurement metrological support it is necessary to develop the universal precise comparator. The requirements for a universal comparators are defined. The variational method for automation the bridge balancing proposed. The analysis was provided and determined the optimal phase shift variation to calibrate a two-channel vector voltmeter. Metrological characteristics of the created equipment are presented.

Біографії авторів

Serhii Kursin, State Enterprise «Ukrmeterteststandart»

Senior Researcher

Oleh Velychko, State Enterprise «Ukrmeterteststandart»

Director of the Scientific and Production Institute for Measurement of Electromagnetic Values and Conformity Assessment of Measuring Instruments (Institute No. 3)


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